Plant Based Proteins FAQs

What’s in Raised & Rooted™ products? How are they made? Are they nutritious? How do they taste? You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.


    Raised & Rooted was created to raise taste expectations of plant based foods with products that are rooted in how people eat today. Our products are for people who want to make more nutritious choices—but enjoy the same meaty foods they love. How do we do it? We take your favorite foods and re-create them with the nutritional power of plants—making them more wholesome and more flavorful than you thought possible.

  • What is meatless meat made of?

    Our plant based protein substitutes for meat are made from pea protein isolate.

  • What is pea protein isolate?

    Pea protein isolate is a healthy meat alternative made from yellow split peas. Compared to pea protein concentrate, it is denser in protein and a great source of fiber.

  • Is pea protein healthy?

    Short answer? Definitely. Pea proteins contain all the essential amino acids, and appeal especially to those who have an intolerance to lactose. It is relatively low in fat compared to more traditional sources, too.

  • What are vegetarian nuggets made of?

    Taste, that’s what. Our plant-based nuggets are made with pea protein isolate and golden flax seed. It all comes together to form one delicious bite.

  • What’s in the Buffalo Style Plant Based Bites?

    For starters, Buffalo Style Plant Based Bites have 33% less saturated fat, 8 grams of protein, cayenne pepper and a whole lot of flavor. Seriously, all you have to prepare is your fork.

  • What’s in the Sweet Barbecue Plant Based Bites?

    Let’s just say they’re barbeque bites done right. Sweet Barbecue Plant Based Bites have 8 grams of protein, 3 grams of fiber and a mouthwateringly sweet and smoky glaze. Simply saucy.

  • What are Plant Based Burgers made of?

    Well, why don’t we start with what isn’t included. Our plant based burger have 75% less saturated fat* in each serving, yet we’ve squeezed in 21 grams of protein.

  • Are plant based burgers healthy?

    Well, this particular Plant Based Burger is the best soy-free meat substitute. And reducing meat consumption has real environmental benefits, too. So, we like to call it the only burger that’s guilt-free.

    *Compared to USDA 80% lean/20% fat beef.

  • What’s in the Bratwurst Style Plant Based Sausage?

    The desire to fire up the grill. Bratwurst Style Plant Based Sausage is made from juicy plant protein and 75% less saturated fat*, you can enjoy on a warm toasty bun or savor in this flavor all on its own. Mmm.

    *Compared to USDA Italian sausage, pork.

  • What’s in the Plant Based Ground?

    Ground breaking flavor. Ha. But really, Plant Based Ground has 24 grams of protein and soy free has never tasted so delectable. Toss it in a taco or cook it into a yummy sauce—this plant based protein is your oyster.

  • Where to purchase?

    Easy-PEAsy. You’ll find our full lineup of plant based products in the refrigerated and frozen aisles of select supermarkets. Happy hunting.

  • Is eating less meat good for the environment?

    There are many benefits of reducing meat consumption, and one of them is helping the environment. Currently, the cows, pigs and chickens we raise generate the same greenhouse gas emissions as every car, truck and automobile combined. So yes. Adopting “meat consciousness” as a society is necessary to reduce our carbon footprint for future generations.

  • Plant based vs. vegan diet: What’s the difference?

    A plant based diet is one that relies most heavily on plant foods for nutrition. It doesn’t necessarily exclude all animals and their biproducts, like a vegan diet does.

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